General Introduction

Training in topics under General Introduction is performed by the immediate superior to the one who receiving the training.

The training must be carried out in such a way that possible illiterate or disabled person also receives and understand.

All training must as a minimum be described in a training program with a checklist of topics to be discussed, handouts to be distributed, and questions to be asked for control and evaluation. Training posters, leaflets, and instruction to tutors may also be included. Finally the training program must include a log with chances made to the training program and a log of staff who has received the training.

Repetition of training must be carried out whenever there is changes to the procedure or introduced new equipment, or if there are other indications of need for a repetition. Repetition of health and safety procedures, and Emergency procedures has to be performed at least once every 12 month.

Training may be performed as class room sessions, group sessions, or individual on-the-job training.

All training given must be logged on the data sheet for the involved worker as well on the data sheet for each of the training program.

Below is listed topics that every employee must have knowledge to and receive training in. (The list is not complete and should be elaborated further)

Administrative Procedures

The organisation, the processes, and the activities

Waste and Recyclable materials

Environmental Management

Work clothing and personal protective equipment

Hygiene and first aid

Safety procedures, incidents, and accidents