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Waste Treatment Centre - Operation Manual

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AAR After Action Review

AMM Asset Management and Monitoring System

BSC Balanced Scorecard

LAK Lao Kip Currency (1,00 USD = 812,72 LAK per 1.03.2016)

USD United States Dollar. The official currency of the USA

(10.000,00 LAK = 1,23 USD per 1.03.2016)

CDP Corporate Development Plan

CRM Customer Relations Management System

ISWM Integrated Solid Waste Management

ToR Terms of Reference (for this project)

BMW Biodegradable Municipal Waste

BOT Build, Operate and Transfer

CBA Cost Benefits Analysis

CD Council Decision (EU)

CDW (C&DW) Construction and Demolition Waste

EBRD European Bank of Reconstruction

EIA Environmental Impact Assessment

ELV End of life vehicles

ELT End of life tyres

FS Feasibility Study

FIRR Financial Internal Rate of Return

GAP Good Average Poor (evaluation method)

GDP Gross Domestic Product

HCW Health Care Waste

HCRW Health Care Risk Waste

HHW Household Hazardous Waste

HS Hazardous Substances

HSE Health, Safety and the Environment

IAS International Accounting Standard

IFI International Financial Institutions

IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard

IDA Inter-communal Development Association

IRR Internal Rate of Return (note of E = Economic, F = Financial)

LFA Logical Framework Analysis

KPI Key Performance Indicator

MIS Management Information System

KPI Key Performance Indicator

MBT Mechanical Biological Treatment

MSW Municipal Solid Waste

NPV Net Present Value (note of E = Economic, F = Financial)

NGO Non-Governmental Organisation

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

O & M Operating and Maintenance

OMS Operation and Maintenance Strategy

RCV Refuse Collection Vehicle

PPP Public Private Partnership

PPU Project Preparation Unit

PAB Project Advisory Board

PRAG PRActical Guide to contract procedures for EC external actions

FIDIC Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils,

(The International Federation of Consulting Engineers)

SLF Sanitary Landfill

SPV Special Purpose or Project Vehicle

SWM Solid Waste Management

SIA Social Impact Assessment

SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (evaluation method)

TA Technical Assistance

ToC Table of Contents

TOR Term of Reference

tpd Tons per day

TS Transfer Station

VAT Value Added Tax

VfM Value for Money

WACC Weighted average cost of capital

WACS Waste Characterization Study

WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

WFD Waste Framework Directive (EU Directive)

WID Waste Incineration Directive (EU Directive)

WM Waste Management

WMP Waste Management Plan

WTE Waste to Energy

WTP Willingness to Pay

WWTP Waste Water Treatment Plant

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