This is a draft, online version of an Operation Manual is also including Administrative Procedures and Environmental Management Procedures.

The Ambition of Operator of the Savannakhet Waste Treatment Centre must be: to handle the incoming waste and recyclable materials in order to minimise the impact on occupational health and the environment.

The procedures laid down in this manual also includes the establishing of a Data collection system suitable for continues improvement of the ambitions, the operation, and the environmental impact.

This Operation Manual is not elaborated specific to a private or public enterprise. The demands are the same.

This Manual is addressing the operation of the Waste Treatment Centre from different perspectives:

  1. Type of Waste
  2. Treatment options available
  3. Occupational Health and Safety
  4. Environmental impact

This Manual is elaborated for the Savannakhet - Urban District Development Authority (S-UDAA) based upon the planned activities that will take place at the Savannakhet Waste Treatment Centre. However, the described Administrative Procedures and Environmental Management Procedures have to be updated in accordance with the existing practice of the entire S-UDAA. (It is beyond the scope for this Project to outline Administrative Procedures for the entire organisation of S-UDAA.)

The principles of the Environmental Management Procedures ISO-14001/EMAS has been used in the elaboration of this Manual.

The purpose is NOT to obtain Certification of the activities at the Savannakhet Waste Treatment Centre. The purpose is to get a consistency in the format of this Manual and its relation to other possible public documents (Master Plans, Local Regulations, etc.), as well as the general administrative procedures in the regional public administration.

This online version is established as an example and is only available for a limited time.