ADB Asian Development Bank

CS Construction Supervision

CTDP Corridor Towns Development Project

DED Detailed Engineering Design

DOPWT Department of Public Works and Transport

EA Executing Agency

EMP Environmental Management Plan

IEE Initial Environmental Examination

JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency

LAO PDR Lao People’s Democratic Republic

MOC Ministry of Construction

MOF Ministry of Finance

MPWT Ministry of Public Works and Transport

MRC Mekong River Commission

MRF Materials Recovery Facility

NCB National Competitive Bidding

ODA Official Development Assistance

PIT Project Implementation Team

PDPWT Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport

PMS Project Management Support

PMU Project Management Unit

PSC Project Steering Committee

UDAA Urban District Development Authority

S-UDAA Savannakhet - Urban District Development Authority

UFPF Urban Financing Partnership Facility